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Sorry, we're closed
After years of lack of updates I donít think there are too many folks out there, who would be interested in that page but if you have been googled here or just caught a wrong link, this site is officially closed now. I wonít be deleting the page, consider it as some kind of archive or cemetery of old pics or whatever.
Though if you care about my painting work, Iíve "transformed" another site of me into a shiny painting/wargaming blog using modern software and will regularly be posting there - Back Of Beyond. So thanks for visiting here and hope to see you at my new place. Yours. Alex.



Workbench 14.01.2011
It's been a long time
Hello! It's been a long time since I've updated this site, almost three years. So many things have been happened since then..I've been travelling for two years and I came back. I've started my own miniatures business. I've meet thousands of people, painted hundreds of miniatures, read all Murakami books and discovered a passion for zombie and post-apocalyptic movies. My daughters were getting bigger and smarter. Me was getting older and definitely not really smarter. And that's actually all, here I am, trying to enjoy the little things, painting on my own minis, looking forward to the next WIP pics of the sculptors and hearing blues. I won't promise to update this site regularly now, but from time to time I would love to do it. Still loving that piece of the web. Still loving that hobby. See you. Keep your brushes clean.

Now read more about my miniatures company - Lead Adventure Miniatures.
And check some painting jobs of past years, a set of hard survivors - Ma Baker and the family

Today my Lead Painters League entry for the Round One. Lots of fun to paint and actually you can always need some spanish invaders to play some games. Always wanted to play something like this but hadn't any painted figures. Now, the New Wolrd, I'm coming! - Conquistadors.
First, the Lead Painters League is back! The first season was a big fun and after some months break we're starting again. Btw, next days I'll upload the gallery of the Season 1., tons of great pics and fantastic painted teams! If you like to paint groups of minis, just join the league and try your luck!
B.P.R.D. Kelly's Heroes
And the today's updates. Old and new stuff. B.P.R.D. - if you're a comic reader and a fan of Dark Horse publications like me, you'll know them, The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Then we go with Kelly's Heroes, another bunch of Artizan minis, Cops to support the Detectives (just scroll down there) and a beautiful sculpt of a Stone Giant
Stone Giant Cops
Some stuff
Some old and some new stuff. Last year I've painted hunderts of miniatures but didn't get enough time to make it to my sites. Now I'm trying to make up for "lost" updates. So we have today a Salute Siro Six vignette, sculpted by Mark Copplestone that I painted for an american buddy who gave me some very nice and rare figures. And here we go with the Team Dolans, another fight troup from the Newbold's World, nice and characterfull puppies sculpted by Martin Baker. - Arthur & Mordred, Fight Team Dolans.
Arthur&Mordred Newbold's World
Now I'm working on some Foundry police officers to support the Detectives of the last week. If you like to see a preview, feel free to check out my Blog, another feature I'm trying again to get some life in.
Also I've missed to announce in last year another web site I've made, Triumph & Tragedy, a wargaming rules project of my friends Björn Reichel and Christian Steimel. Actually, I you're into the pulp/adventure wargaming I can highly recommend that game, I have played it several times and really love it.
Starsky, Hutch, Dirty Harry..
Something special today, some celebreties are on witchhunter.net, several police officiers from the old times, Starsky&Hutch, Dirty Harry, James ĄSonnyď Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Check out the great minaiatures lovely sculpted by Josef Ochmann - Detectives.
If things will work out well, those famous guys will get some reinforcements next week. So come back again soon!
After a long time
After a long time without updates, here comes some of the new stuff. Pirates, what else...We have here a "Under the black flag" game report, though I couldn't really say "report", that's more lots of pics, feel free to think the story by yourself. We also have some new pirates (not really new but not yet shown here) - all sorts of pirates. Apart from pirates I've uploaded new pics of my paint room, in the meantime I've got a bit more space to paint. Enjoy the pic and come back again, I'll try to post regularly.
And don't forget to check out my Ebay auction - Gothic Horror Undertaker
Otherworld Hill Giant
Not really much updates at the moment. Sorry, I'm too busy with my house and family. But I've managed to paint something. Today I would like to show you a giant of the little but very nice miniatures company Otherworld. Sculpted by talented Paul Muller. That guy is the first of the four old-school Giants, the rest will coming one day, too. - Hill Giant.
Next news - the Lead Adventure Painters League has started today with lots of beautiful painted teams, just check it out, you won't regret! - click
Sea Devils from China
Finally an update again here :) Some news - I'm moved and got a new paint room (see the pic below). Apart from that there are some chinese pirates to see, Foundry and Brigade models. Enjoy the pics - Sea Devils.
Pirates, Pirates, Pirates...
More pirates today, with some artillery pieces and some scenery photos where you can see my first ship, actually famous "Santa Maria". My pirates gallery is getting huge and I'm not yet finished with painting evil and mean sailors, next days visit me for some chinese pirates (check my Blog for some preview pics). And now enjoy the Sea Raiders, Scenery, Artillery.
Alpha Forge Salvage Crew
I've painted for the Alpha Forge Painting Comeptition a salvage crew. That competition was a good opportunity to get painted these cool minis I've bought one year ago. If you didn't know Alpha Forge stuff untill today, so check out - Salvage Crew.
Shorties Alarm!!!
40 Halflings! Yes, really 40! A huge lot of old and not so-old Citadel goodness. And a Heresy one, too :) The lot was comission work. Hard job to paint 40 old little miniatures but i'm very pleased with the outcome, the figures are just great, funny and full of character. Enjoy - Halflings.
Dwarf World
Back to the Dwarf World! After a year I have painted again some beautiful Bob Olleys Dwarves. A colourful bunch of figures available from Olleys Armies and Reaper. - Dwarf World.
Bad Girls
Another update, back to the Old West, some bad girls to fight the bad outlaws. Thie time Black Scorpion models. They were huge fan to paint, excellent sculpts with nice details. The girls are for sell and will be placed on Ebay soon - Old West Bad Girls.
Freebooters and comissions
After a long pause of updating the sites finally some new pictures. Please notice, pause of updating, not of painting, check out the Blog for the last weeks. At the moment I'm painting lots of pirates, some Old West minis and several other things, most of them comissions.
Btw comissions, i got lots of emails and yes, guys, I take comissions. Feel free to ask if you need to paint anything or you would like to buy something from my sites. I don't sell everything but some of the minis are to sell.
OK, here the new update, some freshly painted Foundry pirates. - Freebooters.
Empire Colors
Two old OOP models today, a nice Perry's 4.edition WHFB empire hero with halberd and a Mordheim Averlander from an unknown sculptor. If you know who made him, please let me know. Many minis, painted and not, are romping around on my table but I didnt manage to start another big project like some last year. But this year is still long enough...Ok, now the new guys, tomorrow they will be available on Ebay - Hero with halberd, Averland Hero.
Empire Hero with Halberd Empire Averland Hero
Undertaker & Henchman
Another week here and i have to admit a'm not really very productive at the moment. There are some reasons like family, work and not forgetting "Lost"...Yeah, the Lost, this damn TV-serie, I can't stop watching it! But I hope to take up the usual tempo soon :) - Undertaker & Henchman
Back to the superheroes. Finally i've finished the bases and varnished the Hulks I painted last year. Lovely sculpts, i think the Wizkids superheroes range is one of the most underestimated due to cheap plastic minis. Yes, i'm also not mad about plastic but these figs are just great - Hulk 1, Hulk 2, Hulk 3, Grey Hulk

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