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In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;
snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, in the bleak midwinter, long ago.
Christina G. Rossetti, A Christmas Carol

The pure barbarian fantasy army, that was always my dream. Any bloody chaos marauders, with a retinue of the nasty demons and overpowered and overarmoured chaos knights. No, i had another dream. Of the classical barbarian world full of the strong guys like Conan or Slaine, brave and courageous. Mighty chariots and fast horsemens on the snow covered plains. Giants and ogres, trolls and bears, wolves and other childrens of north. Fantasy vikings if you want. Yes. I love this dream and I think, the moment is here. This gallery will show you my norsemen world. Like many such projects, I think, that here will be a long story, I certainly will need some years for it, I assume. Maybe not so long. Don't know. We will see. (Summer 2005)

Grenadier Barbarians sculpted by Mark Copplestone
The Barbarians

Old stuff is good stuff. The Grenadier "Fantasy Warriors" Barbarians are the classics of fantasy miniatures in the meantime. These figures made Mark Copplestone to a legend. They are just perfect. Ten years ago and today too. Thanks God, they aren't rare. No more. And if you want to make a pure barbarian army, you must take them. Here are the first eight of the guys. Be sure, it will be more one day. It's a promise :-)

Copplestone vs. White :-) The encounter of rivaled barbarian clans in the North land
click to enlarge

Another brilliant barbarian sculptor is beyond doubt Kev White. Nobody made so many barbarians. I really like his first work, the Harlequin Barbarians. Very fine and lovely work in my opinion and they are working together with Copplestone very good. Also these guys will be a part of my barbarian army. I have painted them with some blue to make them different to Copplestone's. Another clan just. Though I would say, the poses of them are a little more statically, compared to the Grenadier guys.

click to enlarge
The Norse Barbarian Ogres
Barbarian Ogres

The ogres are the important component of a barbarian army. Their nature in my opinion is consistent with the character of barbarians. Both are wild races and it's really logical if some ogres accompany a barbarian warband. I have chosed those miniatures fairly thorough, i wanted to get a troop that looks barbarous and savage. I think, the three fellows are up to requirements, although they are from different manufacturers and sculptors. Click to see larger pictures of them


I regarded that as my duty to spend my norse army some berserkers. Foundry vikings are beautiful figures, fairy large and therefore they are working together with the Grenadier and Harlequin stuff. I will use them in a WHFB game with the beastmen rules, equipped with two hand weapons. And one day i hope to get my viking army full painted and use the crazy guys as vikings, their proper aim. Click to see larger pictures of them

The Barbarian Berserkers
Mountain Giant
Mountain Giant

A giant was "must-to-have". I had a lot of choice, some of the big guys are living on my shelfs. I've decided to take my biggest giant for this aim. One of the bigger giants ever made. An old Ral-Partha modell. In the meantime Dark Sword Miniatures secured the rights on this piece.Click to see larger pictures of him


OK, my cavemen and cavegirl aren't very authentic. Those figures, sculpted by Mark Copplestone, are a kind of Hollywood-style embodiments. Anyway, i needed some figures with spears and shields to set them to berserkers. And for this purpose they are suitable. Click to see larger pictures of them

The Cavemen
Wooly Rhino
Wooly Rhino

I needed a chariot. But i wanted something else, not only a cart and two horses. I thought, the Maidenhead Rhino could be a good choice. I changed the unspectacular female rider with bow to the Grenadier male barbarian and found the composition looks good. The wolf on the base was a good addition too.

Norse Barbarian Riders
Half Ogres
Werebear Giant Bear Big Boy Champion
Giant Bear
Big Boy
Barbarian Champion
Vidor, Northman Warrior Bertok, Adventuring Barbarian Orlath Hoarbeard of Kjord Standard Bearer
Vidor Northman Warrior
Bertok Adventuring Barbarian
Orlath Hoarbeard of Kjord
Barbarian Standard Bearer
Half-Orc Shaman Boris, Barbarian Chieftain Bloodraged Girl Don't to away, my hero!
Half-Orc Shaman
Boris, Barbarian Chieftain
Bloodraged Barbarian Girl
Don't go away, my hero!
War maiden riding beast

Norse Barbarian Giant
Barbarian Sabertooth Riders

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